Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is top overhaul?

Top overhaul means that worn out compression rings and oil rings will be replaced with new set of rings for the engine to run in full compression ratio. This means also that valve seat must be set properly same with rocker arms and camshaft. It is done by removing the oil pan and from under remove the connecting rod bolt and push each piston assembly together with the connecting rod upward. After a thorough inspection of each parts replace all the parts that shows wear specially connecting rod bearings set again to standard size. After some machine shop works on the cylinder head everything can be retrofitted again to the engine block. And after setting all the necessary timing you can now start the engine to see if your work will turn out fine.

So this is done on my engine. 

After assembled

After removing oil pan

After disassemble from engine

Cleaning the head manually using fine sand paper
Cleaning the head

crankshaft before

crankshaft after cleaning

Signs You May Need a Rebuild

There are some frequently seen signs that a rebuild may be necessary for your engine. The most common sign is oil consumption and excessive white smoke in the exhaust, especially when the engine is cold. This is normally a sign of worn piston rings. More extreme signs could be metal shavings in the engine oil (a common sign of dangerously worn bearings) and "knocking" or "chattering" from the engine bearings.

Installing crankshaft

valves before cleaning..full of carbons

adjusting tappets

cleaning with acids
p/s: I didn't need to replace piston rings since its still usable. 

Sources: wiki, russles and howto


KoleksiFahreen said...

salam bro,gua nk tanya...gua pkai proton saga magma 1.3 tahun 87.problem saya skang ni,kereta saya klau saya biarkan enjin running,dlm 10 minit enjin akan mula semput dan terus mati.klau saya drive kete tu,enjin biasenye akan tahan selam 30-40 minit lepas tu semput dan kne tguu dlm 10 minit bru bleh start balik.utk pengetahuan bro,sy dah tukar alternator,coil dan still mcm tu jugak.bro ade ape2 pendapat x?

ridzuan said...

kalau time nak start enjin waktu pagi atau sejuk.ada asap putih keluar tu,mmg ada problem ker?

gua said...

pg atau enjin sjuk mmg ada asap putih. tp biasa klu dh jln lama dia xde. klu ada kluar asap putih kne check kt enjin ada leaking x. klu ada, mmg minyak dh naik ke piston.

wan said...

masa jalan dia x keluar la asap putih...time sejuk je atau pagi....wap kot....

boy tapau said...

salam bro,nak tye klo wt top overhoul tka gasket je xpyh adjust tapet leykan?

Kelabprotonsaga gua said...

Top overhaul biasanya dia akn bukak smua bhagian atas. Cuci head, bersihkn crankshaft, buang carbon yg berkerak pd tappet. So bila pasang balik tappet akn jd x normal sbb enjin run dlm keadaan bersih. Bila dh travel bberapa km, kne bwk smula ke bengkel utk adjust blk tappet bg ketat&ngam. Klu tidak nnti bunyi bising. Tp klu dlm kes lu yg gua fhm takat nk tukar gasket je xperlu top overhaul. Bukak je head kasi tukar gasket, pasang blk je siap sbb enjin lu leaking btul kn? Tappet xde mslh. Cuma yg rugi sket lu sbb set gasket complete utk top overhaul termasuk getah2 kecil pd valve. So terpulang. Klu nk ganti head gasket bukak sndr kikis yg lama masuk gasket bru. Setel

ezzad said...

Biasanya brapa ratus nak buat overhaul ye ?


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