Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Slm all.. Mula2 gua igt mau jual meter digital. Tp sbb meter masih rare gua batalkn niat nk jual. So gua transfer meter ke kereta lg satu..
Mcm biasa gua jumpa wireman terbaek gua yg mula2 psg meter ni dlu. Skill masih sama spt 4thn lps. Utk yg kaki modify kereta, abg dia blh bikin wide body. Spe berminat blh tinggalkn komen kt bwh. Tq 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


pergh..lama gile x post. mmg busy xsempat sbb banyak outstation. ni new baby gua..

--> outstation --> jumpa kt internet ada org nk jual keta --> p tgk --> test drive --> berkenan terus deal --> byr depo --> owner uruskan jpj & inspection --> sminggu kemudian --> dtg amik keta bwk balik.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is DVVT?

The variable valve timing mechanism is called Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT) and it varies the opening/closing times of the eight intake valves. The system is electronically-controlled and makes variations almost instantaneously in a seamless manner, optimizing the flow of the air-fuel mixture into the combustion chambers. To determine when and what variations are need, the engine management system gets data from at least five sensors (one of which also monitors the temperature of the engine coolant). It then analyses this data and chooses the right opening/closing time for the given driving condition – all within milliseconds.

The system is similar to that used on the Toyota Corolla Altis and Camry (in fact, it comes from Denso, the same supplier as well) and can also be found in the Mitsubishi MIVEC engine, Volvo S60/S80, BMW VANOS engines and the Honda i-VTEC engines.

How effective is DVVT? Very – as the power and torque increases show. Power output is now 63 kW (85.7 bhp) at 6000 rpm, 3.3% more than before and close to the figure for the Honda City’s 1.5-litre engine (88 bhp). Torque is up by an impressive 14.3% to 105 Nm and it peaks at just 3200 rpm which is 1900 rpm lower than before. This latter point demonstrates the value of a variable mechanism because in the past, the engineers had to decide on just one state of tune and practical reasons dictated a higher torque figure. Now they can have the torque peak lower down where it is useful and still have a good spread over almost the entire rev range. Incidentally, the compression ratio is also boosted to 10:1 and this makes combustion more efficient.

Other features of the engine include a resin uniform-length intake manifold for smoother flow and an offset steel crankshaft (reduces friction). There are two drive belts, one to power the air-conditioner compressor, alternator and waterpump, and the other just for the power steering energizer. There is now one ignition coil per spark plug, whereas the old model had one coil for all four spark plugs, and the coils are directly managed by the ECU so there is no distributor needed.

A major benefit from DVVT is that toxic emissions in the exhaust gases are lowered a great deal and with the 3-way catalytic converter, pollution is almost nil. The very poisonous oxides of nitrogen, in particular, are lowered by 40% and all this is due to the much better and more complete combustion.

The complete combustion also enhances fuel economy although in driving terms, the lower fuel consumption also comes from having a better weight-to-power ratio. Perodua’s testing in Malaysia shows that the Kembara with DVVT and manual transmission is 12.02% more economical (12.58 kms/litre) while the automatic is 14.8% more economical (11.02 kms/litre). This testing was done on routes of between 270 kms and 300 kms with a mix of highway, country and urban driving conditions.

As for straightline performance, it would be expected that the new engine will give better figures than before. Factory claims for 0 – 100 km/h are 13.49 (MT) and 13.6 seconds (AT) which are 0.8 and 2.0 seconds better, respectively. Top-end performance also shows improvements of 7.3 km/h (AT) and 4 km/h (MT) with the manual version able to get up to 155.9 km/h while the automatic should hit 151 km/h.

There’s another aspect of the new engine which is also noteworthy and addresses one of the issues which owners had – noise levels. A lot of effort with into bringing this down and apart from engine features like an aluminium oil pan, there are also other parts of the car where noise suppression measures have been taken.

See how DVVT works:


Credit to: autoworld & youtube

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kenwood player

Slm smua. Ada stock Kenwood player. Blh main dvd movie, dvd-r, mp3, wma smua. Player ni blh direct play utk ipod/iphone. 1 tahun warranty dari kenwood malaysia. Stok terhad. Siapa cpt dia dpt. promosi raya hanya RM680. Market price RM799. Siap berminat blh email kelabprotonsaga.drivem7@gmail.com

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Oil..

Salam Ramadhan!

Akhirnya dpt jugak gua buat entry. Agak busy. Ok, xnk cite panjang sgt. Beberapa bulan lepas ada kenalan perkenalkan dgn gua minyak hitam untuk gua test kt kereta buruk gua. Tujuan dia suruh eksperimen pada kereta gua sbb 1) kereta gua kereta lama 2) gua suka eksperimen supaya gua boleh alami sendiri performance kereta samada bagus atau tidak. So gua try pakai minyak tu pd kereta gua. First time kereta buruk pkai synthetic oil yg mana sblm ni tak pernah gua pkai pn!

To be honest, spanjang gua pkai kereta memang brand yang biasa pkai adalah Castrol sbb murah dan sesuai utk kereta2 old school. Tapi persepsi gua berbeza bila guna minyak ni. Walaupun minyak ni jenis semi-synthetic, tapi dari segi kualiti & performance sama mcm minyak fully synthetic. Kenapa? sebab minyak ni adalah formulasi terbaik hasil dari kajian yang mampu optimum kan kuasa enjin sekaligus menjaga enjin.

Selain tu juga minyak ni jaga enjin kereta agar sentiasa bersih dari carbon yang selalu ada pada dinding enjin. kebiasaanya minyak hitam biasa perlu ditukar stiap 5000km atau 3bulan yang mana capai dulu. Dengan minyak ni boleh guna sehingga 12000km. (kalau enjin lu orang xde leaking la).

Buktinya?? minggu lepas gua ke bengkel untuk adjust tappet psl dah longgar. Setahun lebih kereta buat top overhaul, keadaan enjin masih lagi seperti baru. Blh tgk sendiri camshafts, valves sume bersih. Ini membuktikan yang minyak tersebut menjaga enjin berbanding minyak hitam yang gua pakai sblm ni. Ini berdasarkn pengalaman & testimoni gua yang minyak ni bagus. sebab gua dah try dlu sblm rekemen kat org. So sape2 yg berminat blh contact/whatsapp/wechat ini orang ------->>> 012-3265687

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Siapa berminat untuk menunaikan umrah? Harga promosi bagi seorang hanya RM4,500 sahaja. Bayar RM3,500 dulu sebelum 1hb Julai 2013, dan baki bayar sebulan setengah sebelum berangkat. Jadual penerbangan pada Mac 2014. Hanya perlukan IC fotostat dahulu sebagai pendaftaran dan pembayaran boleh berbincang terus dengan mutawwif kemudian. Selepas 1hb Julai harga dah lain. Seat limited. Please share....

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Stocks Has Arrived..

Hey guys, new stocks has arrived with some of the new items. Please visit our facebook page #m7klang to order.

NEW ITEM : XDSTROYR for Men, Ladies & Kids

New stocks

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thanks to drivem7

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is complete combustion?

The term complete combustion generally is used in connection with the burning of hydrocarbons. Combustion is the process of burning that occurs when fuel, oxygen, and heat are simultaneously present. The result of complete combustion is the release of energy,carbon dioxide, and water vapor. If the hydrocarbon contains sulfur, sulfur dioxide also will be present. On the flip side, incomplete combustion results in some of the carbon atoms combining with only one oxygen atom to form carbon monoxide and other potentially harmful byproducts.
Usually, the combustion process is triggered by heating a hydrocarbon above its ignition temperature in an oxygen-rich environment. When the compound is heated, the chemical bonds of the hydrocarbon are split. The elements of the hydrocarbon then combine with the oxygen to form oxygen-containing compounds known as oxides. This rearrangement of hydrocarbon elements into oxides is accompanied by release of energy and heat.
Complete combustion occurs when the fuel and oxygen are in the perfect combination, or ratio, to completely burn the fuel. This condition also is referred to as stoichiometric or zero excess air combustion. On the other hand, incomplete combustion may leave some of the fuel unused.


What is combustion process?
Combustion means to burn. For the combustion process to take place, fuel, oxygen, and an ignition heat source are required to start a chemical chain reaction; in a campfire, for example, wood is the fuel, the surrounding air provides the oxygen, and a match or lighter can ignite the fire. Increasing any of these elements will increase the fire's intensity, while eliminating any one of them will cause the process to stop. If the campfire is smothered with water or dirt, for example, the oxygen can no longer get to the heat and fuel, and it goes out.

credit to: wisegeek

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Updated DriveM7 products

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2013

Selamat Tahun Baru 2013. Layan gambar2 2012. Boleh melawat page fb #M7Klang. Tq for your support.

p/s: Ada suka ada duka didalam buku 2012. Ada insan-insan yg bikin taik dgn gua yg berlagak bagus tapi sebenarnya they are nothing. Tp xpe, ini hari lu kat atas. Blakang time lu kat bawah nanti lu sendiri rasa. Apapun semoga 2013 membawa pengalaman baru yang boleh ditimba demi mematangkan semua. 

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