Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drive Surf T-Shirt

Here's the new item:

Item: Drive Surf T-shirt

Size for Men: S, M, L & XL 

Colour: Black

Price: RM45

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Why use synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil?

Synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil offers longer time periods between oil changes compared to using regular motor oil especially for drivers who might be prone to ignoring their periodic maintenance oil changes. 

Synthetic motor oil is thinner than regular motor oil but withstands high and low temperatures slightly better than regular motor oil and therefore recommended for high performance racing engines or for use in very extreme hot and/or very extreme cold climates. Synthetic oil takes slightly longer to breakdown before losing its lubricating properties which translates into longer time periods between oil changes but it still requires periodic oil changes. Full-synthetic oil is recommended for extreme cold climate start-ups because its thinness makes it less sticky and less tacky between the moving metal parts of a cold engine which makes it easier for cold engines to turn-over compared to using regular motor oil which is a thicker oil but then it's the same reason why 5W(Winter)/40 or higher multi-weight motor oil is recommended for extreme temperature climates rather than choosing 10W/30. But synthetic oil is warned against using during a new engine's break-in period and also warned against using in engines prone to leakage because the thinness of the synthetic oil increases leakage particularly in older engines. 

Semi-synthetic motor oil is said to offer many same exact advantages as full-synthetic but at around half the price or so. 

Regular motor oil with an additive may be cheaper but it apparently works just as good as the more expensive synthetic oils and not worse nor better but essentially the same in regards to lubricating and protecting engines. 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Synthetic Vs Mineral motor Oil

It’s important to change your engine oil at regular intervals, in general, the older the vehicle, the more often the motor oil should be changed. However, have you often wandered what the numbers and letters on the containers signify?

Why your engine oil needs regular changing?
Engine oil lubricates the metal surfaces of your car’s engine. Without proper lubrication, friction buildup causes the parts to grind together and tear apart during the transfer of heat from the combustion cycle. Oil also helps clean away the chemical by-products of the combustion process and minimizes oxidation. Throughout this process, it becomes dirty and thins out, and needs regular replacement.

What the numbers and letters mean?

Motor oil is divided into three types: fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral (standard) oil. 5W-30 motor oil, for instance is a semi-synthetic blend. The number before the W is the “cold” viscosity rating of the oil, while the latter number is the “hot” viscosity rating. The lower the cold number (W stands for “winter”), the easier it is for your car’s engine to turn over when you attempt to start the car in cold climates.
• Mineral oil is generally the cheapest.
• Standard motor oil is effective at protecting your engine and it’s also cheaper than semi-synthetic and synthetic oil. However, it must be changed more often, as it becomes dirty and thins out more quickly.
• Semi-synthetic motor oils are derived from standard oil.
• Semi-synthetic motor oil is closely related to standard mineral motor oil. Semi-synthetics are primarily made of polyalpholifins, which comes from “the purest part of the mineral oil refraction process.” Thus, semi-synthetic can be mixed with standard motor oil without causing the car’s engine to seize.
• Pure synthetics for heavy gearboxes.
• Pure synthetic oils (aka polyalkyleneglycols) are most often used for industrial purposes in vehicles with heavily loaded gearboxes. It’s high-performance stuff. Finely tuned via molecular recombination, fully synthetic motor oil cannot be mixed with other oils. 
• Go with quality, lightweight oil.
• Choose engine oil that meets the demands of your environment. Modern engines function well with lighter, thinner oils.

It is very clear that synthetic oils have a greater edge over regular oils. Then why not completely move over to man-made oils? The reason is regular oil also has its benefit. On a new engine the design is not 100% neat and smooth. There are lots of irregularities. When using regular oils, it helps in smoothing the surface quickly because of the non-uniform molecular size when compared to synthetic oils. The other important thing is that if your engine is a very old model one, it might not work very well with Synthetic oils. So you will happy using conventional mineral oil there.


Monday, October 15, 2012

DriveM7 Aaron Aziz Version

This is Drive T-shirt Aaron Aziz version.

Item : DRIVE M7 AARON AZIZ Version 


Sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL

Price: RM50

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M7 Japan
Mutiara Motor

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

M7 Double Dragon

This is the hottest item. Open for ordering!

M7 Double Dragon (White)

M7 Double Dragon (Black)

HOT ITEM : M7 Double Dragon (white / Black)

Size: S , M , L, XL & XXL

Price: RM50

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M7 Japan

Monday, October 1, 2012

M7 Japan Polo (Grey)

Here's new arrival item

Item: M7 Japan Polo for Men&Ladies

Size for Men: S, M, L & XL

Colour: Grey

Price: RM60

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