Monday, August 27, 2012

How to adjust tappets?

How To Adjust Tappets

1. Jack the front right wheel up, using a trolley jack. 
2. Open the bonnet and remove the airbox, using a 
philips screwdriver. 
3. Remove the rocker cover, using a 10mm socket. 
4. Turn the wheel until 1/2 or 3/4 or 5/6 or 7/8 are “Rocking” and the rockers are both at the same height. This is where the left one is closing (up) and the right one is opening (down). 
5. Adjust the correct tappets shown below, using a 11mm socket and a feeler gauge
6. Put the engine back together and start the car. 

What does “Rocking” mean? 

“Rocking” is a term used when the rockers open and close 
the valves. 



If 1/2 is “Rocking” adjust 7/8 
If 3/4 is “Rocking” adjust 5/6 
If 5/6 is “Rocking” adjust 3/4 
If 7/8 is “Rocking” adjust 1/2 

Correct Gap (mm) 

1 = Exhaust 0.3mm 
2 = Inlet 0.2mm 
3 = Exhaust 0.3mm 
4 = Inlet 0.2mm 
5 = Inlet 0.2mm 
6 = Exhaust 0.3mm 
7 = Inlet 0.2mm 
8 = Exhaust 0.3mm 

Please check that the units are correct and for the correct rockers. 

Note: Disclaimer; Do it at your own risks. We are not responsible at any damage of your car :)

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